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This blogs describes about BI Platform REST SDK (RWS) headers and query parameters.(BOE 4.2 SP03 + ) Headers: Accept To mention the data format in response of the API Possible values: Application/JSON or Application/XML If

This blog describes about- How to set client type for BOE Enterprise Session using: BI Platform Java SDK BI Platform REST SDK (BIP RWS) (BOE 4.2 SP03 +) BI Platform SOAP Web Services (dswsbobje) (BOE 4.2

 The Fiorified BI Launchpad is a modern version of the classic BI launchpad application introduced from BOE 4.2 SP04. It has a fiorified user experience that makes the user interface (UI) simple and intuitive. Foirified BI

This blog describes about Query the BusinessObjects repository using BI Platform REST API. API Details:  http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1/cmsquery API URL http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1/cmsquery HTTP Methods GET , POST Data Formats Application/JSON, Application/XML Headers x-sap-logontoken This RWS API introduced from

This blog describes session management in BOE 4.2 BI Platform REST SDK. Authentication: RWS APIs to get x-SAP-LogonToken: Sl. No. Description REST API Http Methods Query Parameters 1. Logon using username and password http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/long GET,

Introduced version1 of REST SDK from SAP BOE 4.2SP03 and onwards. REST SDK APIs URL : http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1 URI standards : Uniformity with all the existing APIs case : lowercase no verbs in API URL. Context basis