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This blog describes:- BI Platform REST Webservices (biprws) in BOE 4.2 SP05 SSO Configuration in REST Service for AD users using kerberos Configuration of biprws.properties on Web Server   From BOE 4.2 SP05 onwards, biprws supports deployment

This blog describes:- About Web Assistant, Configure Web Assistant for Fiorified BI Launchpad (BOE 4.2 SP05), Enable and use web Assistant in Fiorified BI Launchpad Web Assistant feature available in Fiorified BI Launchpad from SAP BOE

This blog describes:- BI Platform REST Webservices (biprws) BOE 4.2 SP05, Configure REST Service for Fiorified BI Launchpad, BI Platfrom Web-services on Web Server (Apache Tomcat), Configuration of biprws.properties on Web Server, Authentication Support and

This blogs describes about BI Platform REST SDK (RWS) headers and query parameters.(BOE 4.2 SP03 + ) Headers: Accept To mention the data format in response of the API Possible values: Application/JSON or Application/XML If

This blog describes about- How to set client type for BOE Enterprise Session using: BI Platform Java SDK BI Platform REST SDK (BIP RWS) (BOE 4.2 SP03 +) BI Platform SOAP Web Services (dswsbobje) (BOE 4.2

 The Fiorified BI Launchpad is a modern version of the classic BI launchpad application introduced from BOE 4.2 SP04. It has a fiorified user experience that makes the user interface (UI) simple and intuitive. Foirified BI

BI Platform OData Service introduced Form SAP BOE 4.2 SP04. OData Services: BI Platform OData Services OData Service URL http://<host>:<port>/bipodata/ where <host> is the name of the web server for BI platform and <port> is

This blog describes about Query the BusinessObjects repository using BI Platform REST API. API Details:  http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1/cmsquery API URL http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1/cmsquery HTTP Methods GET , POST Data Formats Application/JSON, Application/XML Headers x-sap-logontoken This RWS API introduced from

This blog describes session management in BOE 4.2 BI Platform REST SDK. Authentication: RWS APIs to get x-SAP-LogonToken: Sl. No. Description REST API Http Methods Query Parameters 1. Logon using username and password http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/long GET,

Introduced version1 of REST SDK from SAP BOE 4.2SP03 and onwards. REST SDK APIs URL : http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1 URI standards : Uniformity with all the existing APIs case : lowercase no verbs in API URL. Context basis