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All of you who started reading this blog are already familiar with SAP acquisition of business objects.  Its definitely an eye-catching merger that all of us as SAP practitioners come to aware of.  There are several

SAP is putting great emphasison business process management these days.  The platform and tools it provides push us closer to agile development model.  The agile development model somewhat a copycat of Toyota’s lean manufacturing methodology.

Business Process Management has been around more than SOA or at least computers around. You can see that from below picture based on Google Trends.  Just like Good Trends can predict the flu outbreak, it can go

As per the words of Vijay Govindarajan, a professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and Subroto Bagchi, a co-founder of Indian IT services company MindTree physical infrastructure you can buy. Intellectual infrastructure you can create, borrow, or inter-network. But emotional infrastructure is the most nebulous and most difficult to build. It offers the most sustainable competitive advantage to any organization.  They summarized the following things that organizations can do to build emotionally bonded enterprises in the article.    leaders need to be accessible in times of need leaders need to be transparent, trustworthy, and

Business Process Management has evolved in the recent years to address the pain points involved in process design, modeling, configuration, integration, ownership and re-usability.  This evolution effectively created many tools as single tool can not address all the requirements.