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It’s more important than ever to recognize that digital skills are a critical success factor for digital transformation. A project of this magnitude involves a lot more than just implementing technology. It requires people with

Most of you are certainly aware of the importance of Digital Transformation for your future business. And many of you have heard about new skills evolving, which are essential to be successful – including Machine

Do the people in your organization have the necessary digital skills for the future? If you’re not sure that your employees are ready to contribute strategically on emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots,

For many businesses digital transformation is on top of their priority list. However, many still need to define a strategy to equip their employees with the right digital skills to be successful on this journey.

I recently came across the ambidextrous model, by Charles O’Reilly, of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Michael Tushman, of Harvard Business School. According to this model companies need to be ambidextrous to be successful and

On Thursday January 19th the BITKOM Education 4.0 conference took place in Berlin with around 250 participants including the German Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, industry leaders, startups, politicians, professors, teachers, and students.

Learning in the Digital World will be a key focus topic this week at the German IT Summit (”IT-Gipfel“) taking place in Saarbrücken, Germany, with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel attending. SAP is actively contributing

“Super! Thanks for the material. It is great that you can download the videos. I hope that many will share their experience later with the learning groups”  – Carmen Goerl “The – not only linguistic

While companies are looking towards transforming digitally to keep up with the pace of their competition, 83% of businesses say that their employees don’t have the skills required to meet the needs of the digital

Karie Willyerd has had an interesting career path: in the past, she was a chief learning officer, a chief talent officer, and a start-up entrepreneur who started the predecessor of which is now known as