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Problem: Large Decision Tables When working with conditions it can happen that decision tables grow to many columns & lines, e.g. if the same document type is used for different markets/usages and the condition to

Using Source/destination location IDs as input for conditions in the TOR-context makes a lot of sense. However there are situations where the location_id field of the stop is not yet filled, e.g. in after created

In the hierarchy customizing which is mainly applied for the hierarcvhies in the Transportation Cockpit there is a tiny little flag with potentionally big impact: Filter Level. It can be found here:   When the

The planning profile learned a new trick: Based on the feedback of a customer at the customer network meeting we added a small but sometimes important function to the planning profile. You can now easily

What´s Delivery Failed? This is about trucking. If for any reason a delivery of a planned transport did not happen we talk about “delivery failed”. It is relevant for Shipper, Freight Forwarding and Logistic Service

Recently a couple of notes have been released which improve the organizational interaction process. Some more info on the Org Interaction process as such can be found in the online docu here. Basically the idea is

The Quicksearch learned a new trick: Now you can directly navigate into the transportation cockpit from the quicksearch result list, this come with the note 2462868 . To activate this feature a new query parameter

This post is relevant for those of you using the Transportation Management Quick Search. For those not knowing what I´m talking about, quit reading here and go here. The search bar in the SAP Business

Based on some findings I had in a customer scenario I just wanted to share same info on performance hints when using condition based org unit determination: Try to fill the org units compltly, even

Based on the feedback we´ve got about issues related to our trigger report /SCMTMS/PROC_TRIG_BGD we made some improvements to it. The main improvements are: Performance Improvement by mass enablement of action processing, independent of the