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A colleague of mine asked for a document on this question and I could not find this specific one, so I decided to write it myself. Here is why you should use HANA Cloud Platform

Another Cloud reasoning blog. But I promise something that is relatively unique: The final reason why you need cloud, why you will use it in future and why there is no other way. The Software

Gateway Security Features Fundamentals Training Use this free training to learn about Gateway security concept fundamentals and see configuration examples of the selected Gateway security features. September 2016 SAP NetWeaver 7.5  is generally available! The

Yesterday I got th message internally that there is a new release of Java Connector (JCo) available. Note 1671480 explains details, but for your convenience I copied the most important information, the fixes that have

Since yesterday we do have a Trial version of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment available on SCN. This includes more or less the complete Java world of SAP NetWeaver. In more detail: NetWeaver Application Server Java

Since last week the brand new NetWeaver 7.3 release left the so called “ramp up” phase and now is available to all SAP customers (and those who want to become such). I will not repeat

Just recently I got into a discussion “concerning WD open source framework” on Twitter. Lots of mentors and other fans of Web Dynpro immediately seconded my more on a joke based mentioning of such a

Just recently I got this request from a customer: when using the NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) with NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI), the Studio effectively is using a server and therefore must log in to it.

Sometimes historical steps are taken without public notice. Usually this happens because  public means a majority who is not really aware about the consequences of things happening. Just yesterday I got a book from Jeff

Last week the world was surprised with the announcement that Oracle will buy Sun Microsystems. The message even made it to the regular news, so my wife knew when I came home. But what she