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Are you a real estate professional or responsible for the Real Estate Management in your company? Are you driving the required changes to implement IFRS16? Join us at the 12th Annual International SAP Conference for

Maybe you are like many customers who need to add a specific functionality to your existing SAP system. Very often customers end up with complex in-house development projects because the desired capability is too hard

Are you orchestrating the Financial Shared Services of your enterprise? Interested in newest trends or connecting and learning from other companies about shared services organisation and implementation? We have the right event for you to

Remember the days when we used to have our money work for us? In today’s economy with extremely low interest rates, this doesn’t really work any longer. At one end, money is idling in a

Every employee spending corporate money knows the pains involved in keeping their budgets under control. And changes to the budget are as surprising as a new year’s evening party: they happen every year and we

The opportunity of Digitalization reaches enterprises of all sizes to speed up the interaction with external stakeholders. The expectation of customers is to get an immediate response 24×7. To make those reactions possible it’s not

Everybody knows the products of Coca-Cola, but few know that SAP Finance Solutions play a key role in their global services operations: Coca-Cola Hellenic serves 589 million people in 28 countries. They are one of

With all the hype about Cloud Computing we have witnessed in the past 5 years, one might think Cloud Technology is some kind of superhero coming to the rescue of IT “damsels in distress”, whisking

Every good chef knows that preparation is vital for a good menu – The more complex and numerous the delicacies are the more effort is required in advance.Preparing a delicious sauce can take days and

In today’s business world, across all industries, nearly everybody is travelling on behalf of the company they are working for. Some people travel every week, others only once a year. But all of them have