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I read John’s blog. It was thought provoking. John Appleby began his blog with this: I was pinged lately by someone bemoaning the state of SAP HANA developer tools and I was slightly surprised. I

Edit: 02/07. Thanks to John Appleby, here is the purpose of this blog: Today, based on tweets, I learned SAP is making changes to give better developer experience as suggested by John Appleby’s blog. Since

                                                                                         Image Credit: http://www.verticalresponse.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/iStock_000019901721XSmall1.jpg As we all know, Jan 10, 2013 was a remarkable day for innovation enthusiasts. Several people were excited and pleased with the announcement. At the same time, there also appears

On Jan 10, 2013, SAP announced one version of SAP Business Suite for all databases – both traditional and SAP-HANA. Listed below are my thoughts on this announcement: PRE SAP-HANA ERA SAP, from technical standpoint,

A few years ago, SAP was making two statements: SAPHANA would replace traditional databases and SAP’s goal of becoming #2 DB vendor by 2015. On Jan 13, 2013, instead of delivering that message in a

Jan 10, 2013 announcement of SAPOnHANA was very important to me for several reasons, not because SAP is now running on HANA. As several of us know, we really need to give some more time

Women In Technology(WIT) A few years ago, I came to know from my daughter that technology is not a ‘girl’ thing. Even though she is doing very well in Math and Science, she was not

Background My client is currently upgrading all systems. As I’ve been working on migrating SAP systems to virtualized & compressed (Oracle’s compress_for_oltp) environment and POC on exadata, I was not working actively on upgrading systems.

Is ignorance an excuse? Yes, says SAP & AWS! I would like to thank the following people who showed a tremendous amount of empathy, a sense of urgency, collaborative approach, complex problem solving skills, awareness/acceptance

I’m writing this blog because I’m naive on social media etiquette. I learned a great deal about social media last week through Vijay’s blog , subsequent comments and Dennis’s blog. I really loved reading Vijay’s