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Babak Ghoreyshi

It is not just the SAP SuccessFactors homepage, which is simple to use – all the refreshed screens across the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite provide simple and delightful experiences to end users, whether you are

To create a collaborative experience with better engagement that boosts business effectiveness and makes HR processes available to all employees anywhere and anytime, we have updated the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile application with several new features

UX Updates One of the key drivers of a quality user experience is consistency, which includes the logical coherence and a harmonious uniformity among different parts, pages and screens. Throughout 2016, we have been working

At SAP SuccessFactors we claim a unique understanding of the role that people play in organizational success and suggest that we can better assist organizations in engaging their people to deliver that success with simple

The world is changing very fast. Consumer user experience has been pushing enterprise software to evolve and adapt with the user expectations of the digital world. Today, the enterprise software industry is shifting from functionality

Is everyone at your company as engaged with your HR system as you would like? According to an Ofcom report, one-third (33%) of internet users see their smartphone as the most important device for going

Native mobile applications from SAP SuccessFactors provide engaging, high-performing, and differentiating experiences that are ideal for power mobile HR users. These applications provide: Pure mobile experiences. Mobile-only features. Integration with on-device productivity tools – e.g.

On May 5th, after the announcement of the SAP-Apple Partnership was published Mike Ettling, the president of SAP SuccessFactors tweeted: The Apple – SAP partnership leverages the role of mobile applications in the business world

Despite a fast-changing environment with constant technological advancements, finance professionals in Asia are confident in the future of finance. This insight was revealed in an SAP-sponsored study from CFO Research, which found that executives expect

According to a recent survey sponsored by SAP and carried out by CFO Research, finance leaders believe the automation of accounting, compliance, reporting, and transactions is paramount for the future success of both finance and