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After hosting two successul SAP Code Jams in 2014 (ABAP Developer tools) and 2015 (ABAP on HANA with Fiori), Ctac was very pleased to host a  third Cod Jam about SAP Cloud Platform and Internet

The ‘traditional’ non-Eclipse ABAP editor comes with a few inconveniences that I would like to share with you. This blog entry is by no means meant as a rant regarding the limitations of SE38/SE80; I’m

Now the holiday season is over (at least, for me 😥 ) it’s high time to write a new blog post. So here goes…. Just recently I have been working on a few ABAP tools

When looking at older ABAP programs, which I quite often do for analysis and maintenance purposes, it often strikes me that a large number of code lines have been ‘commented out’: an asterix (*) has

About this blog In my opinion, it’s simple: there should be no ABAP code in SAPscript text elements or SMARTforms global initialization or form routines. Or rather, no ABAP code that executes business logic. This

In my previous blogs about Method Chaining (http://scn.sap.com/blogs/ben_meijs/2013/05/08/using-new-abap-stuff-method-chaining-and-clsalvtable, and character string processing (http://scn.sap.com/blogs/ben_meijs/2013/05/17/using-new-abap-stuff-new-options-for-strings), I have given examples of how these new WAS702 options, when used properly, allow for a decrease in ABAP size without compromising

After my previous blog about the option of using Method Chaining (http://scn.sap.com/blogs/ben_meijs/2013/05/08/using-new-abap-stuff-method-chaining-and-clsalvtable) I thought it would be a good idea to write something about my experiences with new string options like String Templates, Chaining of

Starting with ABAP in 1989, I have experienced a lot of changes in the ABAP language. Once in a while, SAP introduced major changes like: – Introduction of Function Modules in R/2; – Use of

Background My second blog about old, strange, funny or otherwise quirky ABAP-stuff that most ABAP-programmers will encounter sooner or later is a short one. It’s just that, while being busy writing an ABAP-program that needed

Why I started writing a blog After having explained to one of my younger colleagues why his calculations in a custom condition routine (function group V61A, to be precise) were always a factor 1000 to