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In this Blog-Post I’d like to cover the topic of “Seamless transition of HANA-models from virtual to persistent data access by leveraging HANA Synonyms”.   SAP HANA provides the capability to access and integrate local

Understanding the SAP Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) Tool Coping with the explosive growth of business data continues to overwhelm IT departments around the globe that maintain large-scale data processing environments. The struggle to satisfy user

Data Lifecycle Manager Database Artifacts and Data Relocation Use Cases My recent post on the SAP Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) provides an overview on how the tool eliminates the need for manual data management by

We’re announcing the availability of the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial edition available since August 3rd, 2018, which supports the usage of SAP HANA Full-Use Enterprise Edition 2.0 SPS03 (XSA), SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation 2.0

This page is intended to collect frequently asked questions related to SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial. The content will be updated frequently. Where do I find the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial ? You find an

Data Warehouse Systems today struggle with two major issues: Business requires more connected, direct accessible data and IT requires more cloud and architecture flexibility. The SAP SQL Data Warehousing on SAP HANA solution is positioned to solve both