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Hello Friends, I finally got some time to share my thoughts on the new and fantastic area called UI5. As most of us know by now, that this is based on HTML 5 standards. Also,

Hello Friends, After months I finally sit down to write a blog on SDN. Thanks to “Sandy” and thanks to Biller Direct project that I have been doing for my client here in NYC. Now,

Hi all, I am back after a long time. I was watching a program last night on the Discovery Channel about future technologies. Although  people are working on this for a while now but I

Hello SCN developers,  You have indeed done a fantastic job in improving the look and feel of the SCN Website. I can hardly imagine the planning and hard work that you have put in to

Hello friends, I am a frequent visitor of SAP Developer Network (SDN) Site and like many of you gain info and sometimes share some of my knowledge with all of you. Recently I came across

Hello friends, This blog is about the recent tutorial posted by Ankur Goel of SAP in the area of MDM Multilingual support. The link is https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/30fddcb9-2a40-2b10-a9a9-db552d687617 I want to share with you a real life

   Hello friends,  We are all part of the great world of SAP. But I wonder how many of is know about the history of it. Or rather the EVOLUTION of SAP. I had some

Hello friends. This is my first blog and I must congratulate the SDN for their initiative. We are already half way there. We have reached 1 million mark(1,016,660) when this is being composed. I never