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As mentioned in the first blog, we will look at using R with SAP HANA running on HCP. Prerequisites You already have a dedicated SAP HANA assigned to your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account. You have

As outlined in the first blog, we will now install R and Rserve on the HCP Virtual Machine. Note: The scenario described in this blog is for testing and evaluation purposes only. It is done

As outlined in the first blog, we will now login to the HCP Virtual Machine using PuTTY. Prerequisites You should have downloaded Putty zip file and extracted it to “C:\Work\putty”. You should have downloaded openSSL and extracted

You can use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Virtual Machines to install R and use it with the SAP HANA server running in your HCP account. This is a demo scenario that illustrates one use

As outlined in the Application Overview, ABC PetroCorp & XYZ EnergyCorp have on –premise services running within their landscape that provide information about their plants – details like no. of workers at each plant, area

As explained in the previous blog, the multi-tenant application will be deployed and run in the provider account (see section below highlighted in red). Robert from ITeLo Consulting is the administrator of this account so

As outlined in the Introduction blog, ITeLO Consulting has developed a pollution monitoring SaaS application. To provide this as a multi-tenant SaaS to its customers, ITeLO must make use of the multi-tenant capabilities of HCP.

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a development platform based on open standards. The platform provides developers with the flexibility to use frameworks/tools of their choice for application development. Let’s take the case of developing