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Ashish Kasat

While working on Solman7.2 configuration, I faced an error exception CX_FQDN with Business Server Page (BSP), as it was looking for fully qualified hostname URL. Tcodes like solman_setup or solman_workcenter were routing to URL with

There are situations where you can not change browser (Internet Explorer) due to other dependent custom developed applications and compatibility issue. You want to use SAP webgui with lower version of IE and SAP_Basis 700

Nowadays more companies are preferring online exchange servers which saves infrastructure & maintenance costs and as a SAP Netweaver Administrator we have to configure it in SAP system for sending emails. If your mailboxes are

Hello All, It was a simple issue but I spent 2 days on it hence writing this small blog, hope it will help others. While generating stack file in Solman 7.1 SP12 system for ERP6

I am writing this blog as we faced multiple issues while deploying JDBC driver in our PI system through SUM and finally NWDS made it easy. I hope it will be useful for others as