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Arun Varadarajan

Very often we build a lot of dashboard with a lot of graphs and tables. Once the dashboard goes live , the users are happy and start using the same. But once the transaction data

I have had experiences designing dashboards in Web Application Designer and currently am designing one on the Design Studio. Some of my thoughts on how to approach Dashboard design. I have summarized my points under

Not sure if others had this issue. When I initially set up Eclipse for playing around with SDK development , my components would not install. Some things I found out : 1. The SDKs examples

Very often , we run in master data issues and wonder how our master data can be cleaned. We have a quick and dirty option : – Drop the data in the tables using SE14.

The blog aims to see reason for a scheduling program to drive SAP BW. In a typical BW system with all its data loads and usage – how do you ..? 1. Ensure that deliveries

Many a time , we come across a lot of cubes which have not been compressed for a long time and have data in them which is quite aged… We also have queries on them

In almost all BW systems which have been live for 3-4 years , it is a standard sight to see the following : 1. ODSes like Delivery Items , Material Movements etc having millions of

Upgrade your BW system the unconventional way In many cases we have seen that upgrading from BW3.x to 7.3 is not feasible because of limitations on authorizations etc. Ideal Path: It is a known fact

Circa 2008 – We once had a requirement from a client – they wanted us to do some work on Visual composer. We were on a AIX SAP BW 3.5 box. Even after convincing the

Every day in the morning we receive a bunch of e-mails from our SAP BW system on data load completion and status We get mails like :“The data target XXXXX has been loaded with 20000