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I have just returned from the 2011 University Alliance Program Congress and would like to share some thoughts on this very important program that is provided by SAP to promote the inclusion of SAP content at

More Thoughts on Certification There is a lively debate going on concerning the value of certification and the direction in which it is or should be evolving.  To catch up with some of the views

Organizational Change Management is a Two-Way Street In recent postings, I have talked about the analytical elements of preparing for, organizing and directing the design, implementation and management of an ERP environment (specifically SAP).  I talked about the need

The Tale of Hiding Spending Authority Process knowledge, and more accurately knowledge of how business processes are designed, evaluated and implemented, is a necessary set of competencies for any business to operate successfully.  This is an even

Today I will discuss one of the most important facets of SAP design work, one  that affects design, implementation, and management of any SAP environment.  The following story will demonstrate the need to know the level of

Tale of Staffing for the General Having just published an article on Governance, both around projects and long-term continuous improvement programs, I am now going to embark on further stories, or examples both of how

Governance Process I have found that the structure and execution of a governance process is as critical to the success of a program as the positions and the tools that are used.  All organizations are political

Tales from the Front Lines In addition to my on-going series of articles relating specific business and project needs to the need for continuing SAP Education, Certification and University programs, I am starting, with this

The role of Education in understanding SAP Execution Once the planning is done, which I have defined as: 1.  Understanding and designing business processes 2.  Understanding both the existing cultural needs of the organization as well

There is a valuable discussion going on currently in the Linkedin Group Education@SAP on the value of certification programs.  This discussion is multi-faceted in that it deals with consultants and clients, as well as discusses the quality