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Arka Roychowdhury

The conference rooms in the High Tech Campus (Building 1) are named after eminent scientists. Our Jam session was held at “Curie”. The day started in a timid note. Jammers (would be Jammers) were a

The millennial generation is here; a generation that is more used to smart phones, google maps and Wifi than to a desktop computer with a blue ABAP screen. We at Cognizant, understand the changing fashion

You don’t really need a Gartner report to realise that the Business user’s are increasing using mobile devices (tabs & iPhones) to access their data on the go. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start

Wally’s cubicle had always been a tourist place amidst the otherwise boring office floor, a microcosm, a sanctuary, a cool place to hang out. However, from the past few months, this thriving tourist industry was

Wally doesn’t like to be troubled, bugged or made to do work; but every morning he has the task of reporting three different set of IT users from the sales department whether their reports are

There are times when we do something for one pure and simple reason: “Because We Can”. So when Wally wanted to see all the customer stores in the country in Google maps, I said why

This time Wally wanted to see the all the process chains running in all the BW landscapes (7 differeent BW boxes) in one excel sheet. He was recently promoted as the head of the BW

Ever wanted to find the list of active cubes in the system at the touch of a button? Ever wished that you had a comprehensive report of the data load before the users start using

Did you ever face a requirement to bring data from a table (standard/custom) into a dashboard? Have you ever wanted to flash an alert for a failed process, in a big screen dashboard? The possibilities

How hard is it for Wally to abstain himself from igniting a new pandemonium every day? An arsonist would be less of a pain to bear- at least he will kill us all in one