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SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules is a platform re-use service that encapsulates high change decision logic from application logic. It enables centralised decision management across the Intelligent Suite Here is the list of assets of SAP Cloud

In my previous blog you learnt how to author and deploy rules from SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules to SAP HANA (XSC) system but I keep receiving lot of queries on how to deploy business

Business rules have always been a brilliant tool to automate decisions or achieve validations or define complex regulatory or compliance rules etc. This tool has evolved over time and again with change in platforms ranging

Year 2018 is nearing to an end and what a great year it has been for SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules. Last year we shared a vision of unifying various different rules technologies at SAP

“SAP S/4HANA is the next-generation business suite product that provides innovated and tightly coupled solutions that support end-to-end business processes integration between SAP S/4HANA core components and SAP software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud solutions” SAP Business Rules

In this blog, I will explain on how can integrate SAP Cloud Platform business rules with your SAP S/4HANA on-premise applications. It is not step-to-guide for modelling transactional rules. If you are completely new to

One of the most widely used authorization protocols for securely accessing REST APIs in cloud environment is OAuth 2.0. SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol to access its runtime and design-time APIs. It

This is the fourth blog of my blog series on Business Rules Consumption Patterns. In earlier blogs, you saw Pattern 1 – which explains how business rules can be used directly and indirectly in your custom application and in Pattern

In my previous blog you learnt how to work with SaaS and PaaS based engagement models of Business Rules in Cloud Foundry environment. You also saw how you can model the rules and execute them

SAP Cloud Platform together with Cloud Foundry is offering the flexible cloud native enterprise platform to build, deploy and manage applications. SAP is key member and contributor in Cloud Foundry community. There have been great