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Aparna Duvvuri

You have come across a situation where in many queries are wrongly assigned to roles and you are required to make the roles in an orderly fashion. Given the scenario you just went into the

This document addresses the requirement of gathering all the details of a query at one go, irrespective of the type of query element without actually navigating through different screens. In this article I am explaining

I was going through the SDN forums and Blogs and saw many people posting on how to find the queries in a workbook or in how many workbooks a query is being used.  Immediate answer

I have seen many scenarios where you were asked to restrict access for queries. Okay we will take a scenario where user should be able to Change /Delete/Display or execute his queries but he need

Inserting multiple queries in a workbook sometimes make the size of the workbook very huge, especially when the inserted query has more records. Now, say we have a workbook with a query inserted in 20

Transport History of BW objects Transporting BW objects across the landscape is never an easy job. Unlike in ABAP, BW objects will not hold versions of the object and has to be dealt with extra