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Dear All, Implementing an ERP solution is a big leap forward for any organisation which involves the  transition journey from the conventional ways of executing tasks and processing information, to a modern, state-of-the-art business processing

The Standard program design is designed to propose the last used order type as this may be , in many cases, also the desired order type for the neworder(Process/production). This can be changed manually or

For using shift related confirmations sunscreens Business function set LOG_PP_SRN_CONF has  to be  activated after which shift proposal check box enables  in  confirmation parameters in OPK4N (extended transaction) and  accordingly the sub screens are selected

With the reorganization function, you can delete planned independent requirements for which there are no sales orders in the database :The aim of Reorganizing is to delete the old PIRs from system. This reorganization is

In the Standard system ,an order split is allowed for production orders that are assigned to product cost collector which can be achieved by selecting the PCC check box in Order type dependent parameters in

In addition to Blog by Mr Rajen http://scn.sap.com/community/erp/manufacturing-pp/blog/2013/08/15/alternative-bom-selection-a-workaround, The Alternate BOM  selection method based on the MRP 4 which determines the selection of alternative BOM in MRP run. Selection methods which are available are as

Dear All, We can create REM profile  using REM profile assistant in through Transaction code OSPT which can help us in order to incorporate  the various functionalities which are being controlled through REM profile in

In discrete or PP –PI Manufacturing, Generally the actual Dates are not allowed to be in future while doing confirmation in CO11N/COR6N. But with the configuration of confirmation parameters for order type in OPK4/OPK4N and

Before I contribute another blog on SCN, i would like to thank SCN for new features, feel and gamification rules which inspires to contribute in different ways on SCN as compare to pervious replying in

Dear All, It is my first ever attempt to write a blog over Internet, so i thought there will be no better place than SCN to commence new learning.During my implementation projects in India, the