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In this blog I have attempted to explain the text variable issue with Time Characteristics in Bex Query after the BW system upgraded to 7.3 version Issue After the BW system gets upgraded to BW7.3

This document would explain necessary steps to be taken when the DTP step gets hanged and it runs forever with its request in yellow state, doesn’t allow to delete the request. Steps When request in

This document would explain the concept of events and event collectors in SAP BW. Also here you can get an overview in support projects where in some cases event collectors does not work correctly and

This document would help to extract Material Classification data for the newly added classification characteristics from R/3 to BW system. First I would explain what is classification, class, objects and characteristics. Classification: R/3 supports many

This blog is helpful whenever we want to extract Material Classification Data from SAP R/3 to BW system. Most of the times we won’t be having idea about the technical names of classification fields of

This document will explain the step by step procedure for identifying the fields technical names in SAP R/3 and to confirm whether the R/3 field name is available as info object in SAP BW. 1)

Hi All, I have made an attempt to explain some of the data functions which can be used as operands when we define formula or Calculated Key Figure 1) COUNT(<Expression>)         This data function