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Anna Johansson

Throughout much of history, the human resources department has acted in a purely personal capacity – unconcerned with numbers. But as data collection efforts have scaled and analytics programs have advanced, the notion of data-driven

Data science is having an increasing impact on the professional world, thanks to the increasing availability and increasing importance of data. Data science-related positions are in high demand, and even professionals in basic, non-data-intensive roles

Healthcare has always been a highly personal field in the sense that doctors and practitioners are working very intimately with people. It hasn’t, however, always been personal in the sense that patients get individualized care

Companies are increasingly relying on machine learning to make predictions about the future. Sometimes that means predicting the future of consumer behavior. Sometimes that means anticipating changes in the stock market. Sometimes, it’s something simpler,

Customer engagement is more important than ever. We work in a business world where the competition is incredibly high and the margin for error so razor thin that anything you can do to reach additional

When most people think about cybersecurity, they think about installing a firewall or an antivirus program and hoping that it’s able to defend them against an attack. And when they think about cyberattacks, they usually

There are plenty of issues, weaknesses, and problems that businesses can get away with. Many companies “coast” for years, despite having significant flaws within the business model or execution. But if there’s one area where

Your brand culture plays an important role not only in how your brand is perceived by potential clients and customers, but also how your employees interact and engage with each other—ultimately determining their morale and

Marketers want to quantify their results as much as possible. That often means calculating your return on investment (ROI) by rounding up all the costs associated with your campaign and comparing them to the benefits

Automation is the most transformative change to happen to the workforce in decades, if not centuries. It has the power to reshape almost every industry, but its most profound impact may be felt in the