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Sometimes there are requirements form clients or other stakeholders (teams) to send the data/records of a particular request id.       Also, There are times when the data is activated and we can see the activated requests

During one of my MDM implementation; the customer main pain point was current state of master data in multiple systems. We had to reconcile duplicates and perform data cleaning. As soon as I joined the

I believe this is an interesting topic to debate. During most of my pre-sales engagements, we touched upon this point as well. I was part of developments based on ABAP and also part of configurations/implementations

Master Data Quality, Governance and Management   During one of my client’s implementation, I met very good sales people to whom I had to sell the idea of Data Standards, Quality and Governance.     This

Information brings/felicitate intelligence…however Correct Information is the key to Intelligence….   Checked an article that Coke is using RFID technology to collect information of Customer perspective (Coke’s RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence). It is wonderful utilization of

To add mine in continuation with Blag SAP changed my life…does it changed yours too?and Craig SAP changed my life, too. What about you?blogs:      For most of us, there was someone who made

In continuation to Oliver’s blog If it were a hundred times faster…   Just a small thought that if lifts working in our building work at speed of 10 years ago, will they make difference

Globalization ~ Different Perceptions   In previous blog Globalization ~ Balancing the World ,  I strived to present the basic of globalization and why it’s needed. Now will try to present that what is globalization

Globalization ~ ICE and Eskimos   There’s legendary quote in sales world that “a great sales person can sell the Ice to Eskimos”. The point is not that you are wasting the greatest talent of

Buy 1 Take Unlimited Free Master/Identity Data     Continuing the previous blog on We are Customer Master Data depicted that we are only the customers of the organizations and why they should properly maintain our master