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We were performing Inventory data loading to BW PRD (BI 7.0) system from ECC 6.0 and I would like to share the pointers I prepared during the activity.   There are 3 DataSources for Inventory; 2LIS_03_BX

Introduction This document details about regenerating the existing COPA DataSource. Scenario We go for regeneration of CO-PA DataSource when we have to bring in additional field/Characteristics for reporting purpose.  Since CO-PA is a regenerating application

Introduction In this blog I would like to discuss about the issue we faced in loading Chinese Characters to BI and how we solved it. The client we work for had issues wherein all the

Introduction This document details about generic extraction based on function module. Scenario We go for Generic Extraction when the standard extractors doesn’t support the customer requirements. There are 3 types of generic extractors 1)Based on

In this document I would like to detail about Enhancing the LO Master Data Extractors. Scenario We have a business requirement of adding a field Production Planning Group (ZPPGRP) to the standard extractor 0MATERIAL_ATTR which

This is part 2 of the blog. Now we go to SE37, give the Function Module EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 and display. Go to the Include (double click on that).  In the ABAP Editor screen, go to change

Introduction We go for DataSource enhancement when the standard business contentDataSource doesn’t completely meet our data modeling requirements. SAP provides enhancement RSAP0001 that you use to populatethe extract structure. This enhancement has four components that

This is Part 4 of the Generic Extraction. Part 1 detailed about the steps to be performed in ECC, Part 2 detailed abouts steps in BI till records are fetched successfully to PSA, and Part

This is Part 3 of the Generic Extraction.Part 1 detailed about the steps to be performed in ECC and Part 2 detailed abouts steps in BI tillrecords are fetched successfully to PSA. You can find

This is Part 2 of the Generic Extraction.  Part 1 detailed about the steps to be performed in ECC.  You can find it here http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-32025 Steps in BI 1) Replicate the DataSource from the Source