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What if Mozart and Beethoven invented their own Notation Systems? To appreciate why semantic notation can have such an impact on your business—step back for a moment and imagine if every composer from Mozart to

We’re seeing a lot of customer momentum in adopting International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) for their reporting, dashboarding, and data visualizations. Like the chief financial officer of Editorial Prensa Iberica explains in this video, they’re

We have had an overwhelming response to SAP Cloud for Analytics since its launch at TechEd last year. I know many of you are curious to learn more, so here’s an overview of all the

Are you: an IT manager struggling to deliver insights to decision makers? involved in creating dashboards at your company? an analyst creating visualizations? If this sounds like you, you won’t want to miss hearing Wayne

Design Studio users: I know we all prefer not to do surveys and think that there are enough others to do it. But in this case it has come to my attention that we are

SAP’s business intelligence strategy includes several tools that are pillars for different use cases. For most cases involving dashboards and KPI tracking, you’ll want to consider SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. This application first became first

http://cdn.blog-sap.com/analytics/files/2015/04/McCandless2.png One of the biggest challenges with Big Data is finding hidden patterns and insights. Data is valuable, but only if you can unlock the insights and communicate the story. Few people can match David

In Part 1 of this blog I introduced you to SA Power Networks, an Australian utility company, who used best practices to implement four dashboards in five months resulting in a 3% savings of spend

According to a Q3 2013 report by Forrester only 54% of respondents said that their firm was successful in: “making better informed business decisions” since adopting BI. With this high rate of BI project failure