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Requirement : Most of the popular reporting tools can handle cumulative sum or running total , but still there have been lot of posts in SCN about whether it is possible to do it in

Recently I saw some posts in SCN where people asked “how can we restrict data HANA views dynamically?” Like showing data for “Last 3 months” , “Last 13 Months” or “Last two years” etc .

Objective: Apply all data intensive logic  in database layer and only  store the result in  BW . In this blog, I would discuss how can we load data from HANA models/Database Procedure  to BW DataSource

This blog would explain how we can use both Key and Text in  view help ( f4 values) of  HANA Calculation View ***Now this functionality has been added to SPS10, if you are at SPS10

Scenario: While sending data to external systems via OpenHub or Analysis Process Design (APD), if there are negative numbers in the extracted data, the minus sign is positioned after the number in the output file.

Scenario : In our project we are using statistical method to calculate number of products left at a customer location considering their past sales( cumulative)  and natural retirement with time.  To calculate the retirement we