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The following content in this document is going to describe on what condition transaction MRBP is going for posting date re-determination I just came across an intresting problem while working on an issue related to

My idea is to pen down some common knowledge which i feel the Functional Consultant should know Technically. It is very common in SAP projects where a functional and technical consultant sit across to discuss

Hello Folks,            we can use BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for creation of down payment request using F-47. There is a trick involved so i am providing the steps herein. 1. Dont give Business Transaction ( BUS_ACT )

Hello Folks,         just thought of sharing a solution of a requirement with you. I need to post additional accounting document during goods issue of a material ( T CODE MIGO_GI or MIGO ). I

Hello Folks,        I am sharing a code for CA01 Routing creation through BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE. Earlier i used to create a BDC for this, which was not flexible and development efforts are also more as compared

Hello Folks,             earlier i went through some blogs for the clearing process and seems it to be a difficult task for multiple customers ( F-32 transaction for multiple customers ). I finally found out

Hello Folks, This document describes the code for getting the opening stock and the closing stock for a particular material ( MATNR ), plant ( WERKS ) and storage location ( LGORT ). In most

Hello Folks,       just came across a problem while working with a client, so thought of sharing it with you.   Example Scenario : SRM Landscape :      CSD——>CSQ——>CSP ZTT_MARA is created in SRM landscape