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Angela Schuller

“There’s a degree of shame that has surrounded severe disabilities,” said John Elder Robison. His direct, powerful keynote opened SAP’s second Autism at Work Summit in Palo Alto earlier this month, and would set the tone for the panel of

  We’re just days away from Christmas Eve, and with more than 526 million kids across the globe on his delivery list, Santa certainly has his work cut out for him.   It got me thinking about

  With all the buzz around digital transformation, what can companies do to reinvent their businesses and keep up with their competitors? Part of the answer is for them to make digital investments inside their

More than 80% of businesses believe platforms will be the “glue” that brings organizations together in today’s digital age, according to a report recently issued by Accenture. It’s hardly surprising: the right platform can help

While we are still 20 years out from a space expedition to Mars, NASA can already estimate the first of a small team of astronauts will take his or her first steps on Day 217

Companies are making investments for effective digital engagement with their customers, and rank digital products, solutions and business processes near the top of their priority lists. With agility and simplification top of mind for businesses

A quarter billion connected cars will be on the road globally by 2020. With new in-vehicle and automated driving capabilities taking shape every day, opportunities for automotive companies to innovate abound. Twenty-six experts from the

  In the next 36 hours, America will elect a new President. And if you’re monitoring last minute polling information closely, you might be confused with what it all means and which candidate may have

If you’re a Project Runway enthusiast, you know that “in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.”   Host and model Heidi Klum speaks to the relevance of the contestants’ fashions

Halloween is just around the corner, and U.S. retailers everywhere are selling all kinds of spooktacular swag to help Americans celebrate. The popularity of the holiday is more than smoke and mirrors- it’s a major