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Since the release of SAP ITOA we’ve worked closely with our partner channel to expedite SAP ITOA’s adoption in this large, but underserved, market. According to IDC the market size for ITOA was $1.9B, though

I’m delighted to announce the release of SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) 2.0 SP04—Powered by HANA. SAP ITOA gives IT administrators holistic visibility into their entire hardware and application landscape by aggregating data sources

Predictive Maintenance in IT Think of any “mission-critical” business process: order processing, being able to connect with customers (phone and email), shipping orders—it’s hard to imagine any that aren’t tied to IT. IT really is

According to EMA, the average IT organization has more than 10 monitoring tools. Often when speaking to IT departments about SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) they are concerned about adding yet another monitoring tool…

SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) brings a lot of value to IT organizations: Embedded Predictive Analytics makes it easy to anticipate and respond to issues before they happen Realtime monitoring and alerting lets IT

SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) is an analytics solution that helps IT get a comprehensive view of their IT landscape by collecting data from log files, SAP Host Agent, and master data. This makes

IT Departments have a much more challenging job than they did a few years ago. Gone are the days where one application or two ran on a server and IT’s customers all resided in the

I’m thrilled to announce that the latest release of SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA), version 2.1 is now generally available.   For anyone new to SAP ITOA, it’s a solution that enables holistic, true

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in IT Being in analytics I feel sort of bad for IT. They do a ton of work to deploy BI for their business users, but don’t typically benefit since they’re not

Coming into the Big Data world, it’s easy to get excited about the opportunities Big Data can bring. But you have to be careful not to throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water