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You have doubts that S/4HANA is ready for Public Sector Industry? You think: It’s not ready for Public Sector, it doesn’t provide value or it’s too costly to implement. Let’s dismantle the 10 most popular

Ziel der globalen SAP Strategie ist es die Bereitstellung eines vollständigen end-to-end Cloud-Portfolios zu beschleunigen. Immer mehr Kunden in einer ständig steigenden Zahl von Ländern mit einer ‚Cloud-first‘ Strategie suchen nach Lösungen für die Öffentliche Verwaltung,

The global product strategy at SAP is to accelerate the delivery of a full end-to-end cloud portfolio. More and more customers, in an increasing number of countries, with a cloud-first strategy are looking for public

SAP continues to invest to improve user experience for its public sector S/4 HANA users so that they can perform their daily tasks in a more convenient and efficient way. In fact, after providing Fiori

Your public sector agency is looking for new ways to better manage ‘government business’ and to provide products and services to your citizens in an easy to consume and more citizen friendly way? You heard about the potential and benefits

After having provided the first Fiori Applications for the role of the Budget Responsible in late October 2016, we now have shipped a round-off  with SAP S/4HANA for Pulic Sector Management release 1610 FPS01 by providing

What makes SAP S/4HANA so special is the fact that it’s a combination of technologies working together to unlock new opportunities. At the center of it is a mission-critical platform that businesses rely on since

After having the first full-scope enablement with the shipment of S/4HANA release 1511 of SAP S/4HANA for Public Sector Management featuring also first data model simplifications, we now look ahead what’s coming next with release

We collect more and more data every day. But do we also get the insight we need and when we need it? Answering new questions may take days and requires specialized resources. How can we

Government on all levels has a timeless mandate: provide services, protect the society and make the economy prosper. The challenges are ever growing: budget pressure and the growing demand for financial accountability for example require