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Yet another TechED is behind us.  Besides the fun of getting reconnected…  Besides ambitious meetings fraught with expectations… Besides funny labels and stickers to pass to your colleagues as memento… What actually is there for

There is quite a lot of excitement in the air – less than a week to the grand opening of the yearly SAP conference in Las Vegas.  It is always exciting to see where SAP

ASE Monitoring has been once a daunting task.  Not many tools supported ASE.  Those that did did it for a price that cooled enterprise enthusiasm to monitor it at all. Native tools that came with

We are running a bunch of performance tests for our forthcoming migration.  We’ve got a fairly advanced stage – things look good in fact.  But there is something in Proc Cache memory distribution that does

We’ve discovered a phenomenon when char() variable gets truncated to NULL as it is passed from proc to proc. This has not been the case in old version and it causes some of our code

We are in the midst of a lengthy project of migrating a large number of ASEs to (stopped on since we bumped into a strange bug with misbehaving unions with sort by column

Some time ago I have been involved in index optimization exercise:  applications change, queries evolve, sometimes there is a need to change existing indices – or adjust them a bit – to embrace the changes. 

While monOpenDatabases may be handy checking for various DB-related conditions:  Active backups (BackupInProgress), Failed Backups (LastBackupFailed), Full DB Log (TransactionLogFull), Existence of LOG SUSPEND SPIDS (SuspendedProcesses) I think there is an additional metric most of

As one may recall, there are 2 ways to define foreign key constraints in ASE: Traditional one: 1.  Create unique index. 2.  Mark it as PK with sp_primarykey 3,  Add Foreign key on the referencing

Anyone came across this issue? I’m running manual sync for DB.  20 threads doing slow bcp, batch size 1k, DB set to trunc on checkpoint, log size is 12GB.  With 20 concurrent threads copying data