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Users of SAP products understand the value of precise and up-to-the-minute data better than most. It powers business agility and allows for targeted customer engagement and marketing campaigns. In fact, building a multichannel digital marketing

The life of a small business entrepreneur is one filled with challenges, triumphs, and even a few disappointments. It’s a full-time occupation that features the kind of professional demands that most people would never choose

Hospitals need to be running efficiently at all times. I’m sure you can guess what happens when they don’t. It’s not just the patients staff members should be focusing on. It takes a lot more to

Those who dream of building a startup usually head towards Silicon Valley. After all, it’s where most of the gigantic technology companies are based. You should start thinking way outside the box. Jump on a

Do you know how many people are building eCommerce businesses at the moment? It’s never been easier and cheaper to start from the ground up. Some entrepreneurs decide to mix it with travel. They want

Streamlining and collecting data from multiple sources and providing the means of analysis to create actionable intelligence is the key to productivity in modern industries. SAP software has a long history of doing exactly that

Laptops have been around since the late 1980’s, and were bulky heavy machines. Since the late 80’s laptops have slimed down to be a fraction of their original weight with increasingly better technology. A laptop

2017 has been an interesting year for small businesses as there have been a variety of different software platforms and different forms converged through data infrastructure. Video conferencing solutions and cloud-based management platforms are becoming

We are living in a very competitive era as most businesses have the option of relying on in-house professionals to get their processes done, or turn to the highly competitive area of outsourcing where you

Manufacturing is one of the most progressive niches when it comes to optimizing processes, cutting costs and introducing new technologies. Decades ago, the most significant cost-saving opportunity was labor. That’s why so many manufacturers moved