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Do cloud APIs keep you awake at night? Why don’t you try this remedy in 2018: SAP S/4HANA Cloud APIs with business context. If you are one of the lucky fellows in charge of implementing

As you are integrating your SAP ERP MM with the Ariba Network to digitize and automate your purchase order to invoice and payment processes in collaboration with your suppliers, you will at some point in

Walldorf and Palo Alto, February 2018 New: 1802 SAP S/4HANA Cloud integration with SAP Ariba Guided Buying capabilities.  Targeted to delight casual and functional buyers with consumer-grade user experience this integration with guided buying capabilities of

Every CIO wants to support the mobile ambitions of Lines of Businesses in their enterprise. Protecting network integrity, enforcing compliance and giving access to employees and external users on mobile devices does not have to

As of Monday, June 2nd, you’ll find the comprehensive documentation for implementing SAP Mobile Documents 1.0 SP2 in the SAP Mobile Secure rapid-deployment solution on the Service Marketplace, at service.sap.com/rds-afaria. The RDS supports deployments on

Original Blog by Bob Caswell in English, here my translation, endorsed by the author. Für die Uneingeweihten, lasst mich zunächst einen knappen Überblick geben, was mit Rapid Deployment Solutions (kurz RDS) gemeint ist: RDS bieten

Mobile communication has penetrated this world like no other technology. It is impressive. It is amazing. And the adoption of mobile is creating a difference in business, society, and our personal realm. Proliferation of Users

Dear fans of a mobilized, service-oriented government, the original version of this post had been eaten by a voracious ETL monster feeding on big data. Please bear with us as we try to re-assemble left-over