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Read this, if you want to: know how Tree controls work in SAPUI5/OpenUI5 know how they dynamically load data on-demand, as the user scrolls and drills through the Tree get working code which you can

It’s 2018 and the UI5 developer world has mostly settled on using XMLViews. We have introduced them in UI5 on July 11th, 2011, and after seven years there’s probably nothing left to improve, right? Wrong!

Sometimes questions arise how the code contained in SAPUI5 is related to the OpenUI5 code. High-level answers have been given elsewhere and are repeated right below, but there are details that have never really been

What? Inspired by Alessandro Spadoni‘s useful post explaining the “Fiddler” proxy, I want to explain how a UI5 app can be easily run with a different UI5 version, without changing any code or installing and

This is going to be a completely non-technical blog post, but still one that might give you interesting insight you normally don’t get when looking at SAP and the SAPUI5 library from outside. It is

A basic overview for anyone who has not heard of OpenUI5 / SAPUI5 before [Note: this blog post has been written in December 2013, when UI5 was open-sourced. However, I have added updates where required.