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The Open Source ABAP Continuous Integration (abapCI) plugin for Eclipse is now available in Plug and Play mode (since version 0.4.0). That means, after installation over the Eclipse marketplace there is no configuration needed anymore to get

I am sure the open source project abapGit and the development environment Abap in Eclipse are already well known, therefore I skip the introduction of them.  For commiting your ABAP code from Eclipse to a

With ABAP in Eclipse it is very easy to format the source code of  ABAP objects. Pressing Shift + F1 before saving or activating a development object gets your written source code in a pretty

One feature I was missing since I switched from SAP GUI to ABAP in Eclipse is the possibility to change the color theme for specific systems, in particular different themes for Development, Quality Assurance and the

There are already a lot of excellent blogs about how to connect Things to the SAP Cloud platform. For example the blog series of Fabian Lehmann: Connect a device to the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of

It was a big announcement at SAP TechEd Las Vegas: ABAP will be available in SAP Cloud Platform within the next years. Looking forward to the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP will meet there all the

One of the target of the plugin ABAP Continuous Integration with Eclipse is the automation of regular tasks. One of these tasks is the continuous feedback about the actual state of the unit tests in

Short read As an add-on for ABAP in Eclipse the plugin ABAP Continuous Integration contains some features for a Continuous Integration environment. The plugin can be downloaded from the Eclipse Marketplace. After installing the plugin

Short read In this blog I describe how to set up a first minimal Continuous Integration environment for ABAP with Jenkins. Therefore an Odata-Service on the Netweaver system is created which returns whether all tests

Short read In this blog the creation of an Odata Service is shown which can be used to get the unit test data of an ABAP Netweaver system. The target is to make the information