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Author:  Walt Ellenberger, Senior Director Business Development and Strategic Alliances, SAP Join us for a can’t-miss webinar on November 15 and learn how data insights from Real-World Evidence are fulfilling healthcare’s mission and margins by analyzing product

Digital technologies are poised for broader adoption in healthcare organizations in the next two years, creating new value and optimizing care delivery. Breakthrough technologies and digitization that have impacted almost every industry in the last

With real-time analytics and visual tools, healthcare data is more accessible to all healthcare providers–not just data engineers—and is helping them find efficiencies and make informed decisions. The healthcare ecosystem is becoming more integrated and

What do youth, health and sports have in common?  At the SAP Spotlight Tour in Brazil the answer is technology.  Through technology people are receiving better and faster care, fans are receiving the ultimate sporting

Interoperability was a key theme at this year’s HIMSS (Health Information & System Society) Management conference, one of the largest healthcare technology conferences globally.  Interoperability is about pulling one source of information from a vast

SAP employees working in healthcare were interviewed to tell us what the world should know about healthcare IT.  A consistent thread was personalized care for patients. Getting to personalized care is doable in the healthcare