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Introduction The purpose of this how to guide is not to simply duplicate the content of the SAP Online Help, but to provide guidance for the participants of a SAP CodeJam event. Participants of a

Updates 12.05.2017 added code to lock the data before comparing the time stamp of the last change date with the time stamp read from the etag in the update method. 16.05.2017 fixed MPC_EXT code that creates

Introduction In a recent partner workshop I was asked how one can add annotations to an OData service when your system runs on top of SAP NetWeaver 740. While with SAP NetWeaver 750 and higher

Great news. We finally got back email notifications in the SAP community. But you have to activate them yourselves in your account settings as shown in the following screen shot. As a moderator I have been

Vom 15. bis 17.November findet im Rahmen der SAP Partner Academy Switzerland der Workshop „Entwicklung von SAP Fiori Anwendungen mit SAP Gateway und der SAP Web IDE” statt. In diesem Hands-on Workshop können SAP Partner anhand vieler Übungen lernen,

Introduction Since version 7.40 Gateway has become an integral part of SAP NetWeaver. With the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP04 we have taken the opportunity to use the latest capabilities of the stack to

Introduction   The standard routing used by the destination finder can be based on user role assignments and host names of the OData client calling the service. It has however turned out that some customers

Customers of SAP Business Suite can use SAP Gateway to develop OData services to modernize the user experience with SAP Fiori apps. A question very often raised by customers is where to run the components.

In one of my last blogs about code based OData service development using the SAP Gateway Service Builder (SEGW) I got the (valid) question from Joachim Rees whether I would commend using SE24 to get

Update 06.02.2016 added information that now also WEBCUIF is un-installable 24.03.2017 added informaton about IW_PGW being part of SAP_GWFND 751 Introduction   SAP Gateway consist out of several add-ons. Some of them are mandatory while others