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When the SAP Gateway demo system ES5 is used in open SAP courses it frequently happens that an error occurs when calling an OData service such as GWSAMPLE_BASIC. Due to GDPR requlations there is no

This question sounds trivial, doesn’t it? I ran into this when developing the new tasklist for the mass maintenance of OData services (see my blog Custom tasklist for OData service mass maintenance). Since I am calling

Introduction Today I got a question whether the function toupper( ) is supported with $filter in SAP Gateway. The answer is no, but you can handle the filter tree yourself in the GET_ENTIYSET method of

Introduction Already a while ago I stumbled accross the problem to build an OData service that leverages CDS views as a data source and that also contains entitysets based on ABAP Code based implementation. The

Debugging XML? When a SAPUI5 application does not behave as expected debugging is an excellent idea. But how do you debug the XML views of your SAPUI5 application? You can only debug the java script

Update 06.08.2018 – added code for relative binding and absolute path When working on a customer requirement where vocabulary based annotations had to be used I stumbled accross the problem how to make use of

Updates 24.07.2018 – new coding with vocabulary based annotations based on text elements 26.07.2018 – added description how to work with CDS based OData services 26.07.2018 – added code that retrieves texts from data elements

Today I was asked how to retrieve the name or the names of CDS views being used by OData Services that have been published either using autoexposure leveraging the annoation OData.publish:true or using the Referenced

Today I got a question from a developer whether it is possible to create a function import with the following functionality:  Return Type Kind  Entity Type  Return Cardinality  1..n  HTTP method Type  POST As the

When preparing a workshop for SAP Partners this week I ran into a problem that an app that I created using SAP Web IDE full stack did not Show up in preview mode. I only