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Last blog in of two planed related to selling SAP SuccessFactors: Go-to-Market – Executive Summary (1/2) The SAP SuccessFactors Value2Win (2/2) So you are a SAP SuccessFactors Partner – congratulation – but are still working

I thought that Q3 for recruiting was the most comprehensive for the Q3 release, but I was more than wrong. SAP needed two virtual sessions to present the Employee Central functionality for the SAP SuccessFactors

Someone been busy at SAP – the presentation held recently for Recruiting included a humongous slide deck, I will not cover all the released functionality for Q3. But just write – Q3 for recruiting is

One of the areas that I personally love, but also an area that I personally feel often is forgotten when the first implementation hype is over. Is usage of the mobile functions in SAP SuccessFactors.

A lot of new functionality is coming for the SAP SuccessFactors Q3 – therefor I have decided to produce multiple blogs for the different areas I work with currently. This blog is concerning the Q3

First a short story describing – why certification does not solve everything. Almost 12 years ago I left the military – to follow a study named Marketing Economist, it was a huge change, meeting undisciplined

It is very rare that I am so pleasantly surprised – SAP has launched another innovative solution. Thanks for being innovative. Tried to activate the integration center in my demo instance, actually a very easy

This week has been awesome – visiting SAP in Stockholm for the Partner Sales Bootcamp covering Cloud for People together with Martin Elkjær Printz from NNIT – life sciences IT When listening, reading or attending