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Wish we may see less of it in 2010!   I . Nature of RoI Any one who writes on RoI gets an image of a responsible person.Because he/she seems to profess the idea of

How organizations in different sectors address CSR?   Knowing about these initiatives, it is felt, would provide a good insight into how organizations are promoting social responsibility appropriately in their sector. The source is the

Internet search results on Organizational Wisdom and about two books on the subject.   1 IntroductionIn my membership anniversary blog ‘One Year  with BPX Community’  (One year with BPX community!)  I happened to mention that next

My small story!   Introduction September 22, 2008. That was the day of my first blog in the BPX Community. I have completed one year by September 2009. It seems a nice day to feel happy,

Concluding with a glimpse of the Supportive clauses, informative clauses and the documentation requirements in the Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for ISMS <<Background On the premise that a secure information system may be a facilitative factor

For, a well secured Information System, may facilitate willing adoption of BPM! Part 2Reference to earlier blog is: A well secured Information System, may facilitate willing adoption of BPM!   Ahead >>> One of the

If the assumption is true, it may call for an ISMS    While thinking about what are the factors that might promote BPM and what may delay its adoption, a thought crossed my mind that

Links to a short film, a forthcoming forum and a few case studies! This needs investment of your time!   This posting is an attempt to indicate the existence of business cases for Sustainability at

A window view on Sustainability, through a long winding slow train! The blog ‘Fractured Sustainability’ by Neal H.Levin is the prompt. Fractured Sustainability   Following Neal’s statement, ‘to go far beyond’ to first understand the subject,

An updated overview of ISO/CD 26000, the ISO Guide on social responsibility In my earlier blog I have mentioned to cover the clauses and other features of the Standard in my next blog, to complete