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Paul Modderman Director of ERP Integration Clear Software http://www.creditron.com/clearsoftware.com Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Director of ERP Integration at Clear Software. Your company has created software that consolidates the entire ERP process into

Payables management within many organizations is viewed with the same enthusiasm as a toothache. It may be dull or throbbing a bit, but nothing worth investing too much time. Only when the pain gets severe

Wally Vogel President & CEO Creditron creditron.com You founded Creditron, a leading solution provider for mid-market remittance processing and receivables automation. But before that, you started your career in a technical capacity, moving on to

Hau Ngo Business Intelligence Architect Summerlin Analytics summerlinanalytics.com You have an extensive resume of success in helping corporate teams with their business processes. I appreciate the range of project delivery options you provide to your

Have you considered that the type of payment you receive, and the subsequent supporting process, could either increase or decrease your DSO? How is this possible? Historically, checks were used so companies could increase their

Predictive analytics for working capital 101 Working capital is a hot topic among corporates, as companies seek to unlock billions of dollars of capital. Early working capital initiative typically include three common practices:                                     Shortening

It was announced earlier in 2015 that Arkansas State University’s College of Business has established a Center for Treasury Management. What is the backstory in creating this program? Arkansas State University partnered with the Association

Why would you consider XML payments as part of your payments strategy? Did you know that the planned Real Time Retail Payments Systems (RT-RPS) systems for Brazil, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark, Australia, and Japan will

Start 2016 off with great knowledge… My top 5 blog posts of 2015 – numbers aggregated from Linkedin, SCN.SAP, and our Blog.ConsultAce.biz site. Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on any

Customer Connection is a SAP participation program that uses customer feedback to deliver enhanced SAP system improvements. These improvements found within Customer Connection are on very specific, focused topics that drive incremental improvements for SAP