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First of all please accept my sincere apology for taking this long to release the part 2, i was busy with one of the implementations.   Master Data for meter based service charge settlement scenario:

Below steps with screen shot will help you to configure Service Charge Settlement based on Meter Readings   Step 1 RECACUST–> Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX)–>Service Charge Settlement–> Master Data of Settlement Unit–>Define Service Charge

Step 1: – BP group creation and assigning number range RECACUST–> Flexible Real Estate Management–>Business Partner–> Relevant Settings for Business Partner in RE Context–>Number Range–>Number Range–>Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges     Step 2:

To give an overview of functionality of Land Use Management, I have briefly mentioned it in steps trying to explain the process flow.   Step 1 – Creation of master data specific to LUM: Parcel