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Hello All, It’s been a long time since my last post here, I didn’t have too much time to elaborate a new post. Anyway, today I could find some time to show something. Today I

Hello All, This configuration of Portal Activity Reporting in SAP Solution Manager is valid for Portal releases lower than SAP Netweaver JAVA 7.30 SP08, 7.31 SP04. If the Portal System has a higher release, refer

Hello All,   Today I would like to talk about the Byte Code Adapter also known as Introscope JAVA Agent or just ISAgent. I already mentioned about the ISAgent on my first post in this

Hello All, Today I would like to talk about the Introscope Host Adapter (WilyHost application), an application which runs inside the SMDAgent to collect data from the managed systems. I already did a post showing

Hello All, Today, I just would like to promote a very nice troubleshooting tool that SAP built to help customer with Solution Manager issues. The tool is called Problem Resolution Procedure (PRP) and the aim

Hello Everybody, This post will show you how to troubleshoot workload analysis application for ABAP, JAVA and Dual stack systems. I will show what I consider the most important steps to check when we see

Hello Everybody, As of today I will write in this blog posts describing the SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics applications and how to troubleshoot diagnostics related issues in the Solution Manager systems. The first post will