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Ali Akbar Mirnia

Hi As you know with t.code MLCCSPD can see cost component per material. Sometimes you need see Multiple Materials in SAP Standard there is no this report . with Join table CKMLHD, CKMLPRKEKO , CKMLPRKEPH

Hello All, This program upload FI scan file to FI document , note :scan file must pdf format , and pdf file must equal  FI number, *&———————————————————————* *& Report  ZGOS_ATTACHMENT *& *&———————————————————————* *& Mass Upload

Hello all, In DMS LSMW when upload more than 12 characteristics( in screen)  need next page and many time i  can not upload characteristics my best friend Reza Mohammadi write ABAP program to upload characteristics

Hello Sometimes DIR have more than one origin LSMW is poor to upload more than one originals fllowing code upload orginals and set Status. Excel Structure must : Doc number Doc type Part Version Document

Hello Sometimes you need delete Originals in DMS following  ABAP program delete DMS Originals. ( Be careful ) Excel Structure must : Document Number Document Type Document Part Document version 000000000000000200000012 DWG 000 00 000000000000000200000012

Hello Last part you can learn solution 1 to delete DMS DIR ( Docuemnt Info Record )  from database in solution 1 you must first set deletion flag and then delete from database in solution

Hello Is it possible delete DMS document from database ? Yes Sometime we need delete DMS document from SAP database.(for example data migration is wrong and etc.) We have two solution Solution 1: Step 1

Hello , In DMS sometimes we need mass change status  usually DMS consultant use LSMW or BAPI to change status ( it is good ) but is SAP DMS you can use flowing Steps to