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Sometimes it could be useful switching on-the-fly the #sapui5 or #openui5 release of an existent deployed App. This could be useful for testing purposes, console debugging or checking some issues related to a specific release

In this blog I want to show you how can be useful the Javascript Console when we are working with SAPUI5  / OpenUI5. Of course for an experienced Javascript developer it can be an obvious

In this blog I want to share my experience about how to create a custom #SAPUI5 control extending sap.ui.core.HTML standard control. My goal is to create a new control to display an ‘Excel-like data grid‘

Every iOS user should know he can add every mobile optimized website from Safari to the Home screen : the website can be launched from the homescreen like all other native apps without opening Safari.

After the wonderful Sap Hana Cloud Platform Code Jam in Rome, I’m writing my first blog on this Scn space:I’m sure it will be the first one of a series and I’ll try to write

In the Part 2 we built a Node express app ,the Node server is up and running on port 7000 Now let’s go with the ABAP! We can make an Http Post request to the

After you install Node and our first “hello world” application described in Part 1 ,  we are ready to build our Node Server app to manage the websocket connections Node Modules The first line of

Last year , I wrote 2 blogs about an integration between Html5 Websockets functionalties and Abap web application server through the Sap Code Exchange project Abap Pusher by Patrizia Rossi and me. A WebSocket is

Finally I have the time to write my Blog it Forward! First of all i would like to thank Ivan Femia wich BIF’d me so I have the opportunity to write a blog about myself

In this blog i want to describe my new project on Sap Code Exchange : Abap Pusher ( https://cw.sdn.sap.com/cw/groups/abap-pusher )With Abap Pusher we can use Html5 websockets for adding realtime functionalities in Abap World. What