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Hello my nerdy friends I am sure you were searching a lot on google about the possibility to read and write the MDG key mapping programmatically.   (Writing example) For example if you have to

Do you like learning new things? Do you like to meet SAP Gurus? Is your name Bruce?   In this case don’t miss the 2nd edition of SAP Inside Track Rome!! We are also looking

Hello and welcome to the 5th episode of this serie. Today we will see what is a rule based workflow and how to configure it using BRF+. What is rule based workflow? Unlike the “standard”

Hello and welcome to the 4th episode of this serie. Today I want to make some clarifications on the replication for the new entries in MDG. First of all what is replication? Replication is the

Hello, welcome to the third episode of this series. I know that many of you were been asking how to set a predefined value for a specific field in your change request. How to do

Hello! After my first blog MDG 8.0 in real life blog series – System “Reset” we reached the second episode of our series! In this chapter I want to show you how to customize the

Hi everybody, after my trip in Cloud 4 Customer, finally I started working with this great product that is MDG. I started together with my colleague Fabrizio Venditti implementing profit centers, profit center groups/hierarchies and

Hi everybody. I decided to write this blog post because probably most of you don’t know about a good feature of the Cloud Application Studio: the dump analysis. Thanks to Emanuele Bucci  for the reporting

Why am I excited to be at TechEd? This is my 3rd SAP TechEd, and every time I go there, there is something new to learn. It is a magic moment to attend the Keynote

Important Updates: Location: Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 136 – 00144 Rome Overview: Techedge is honored to be organizing the first ever SAP Inside Track event in Rome on February 7, 2015. Join us! Share your knowledge