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INTRODUCTION Live Activity center uses Enterprise Search Framework (ESF) to search for objects. The aim of this document is to provide information about the way to add extension fields into Enterprise Search and how to

INTRODUCTION The aim of this document is to explain how automatic/initial Customer search works on Live Activity screen under an Inbound Call scenario. Also, the idea is to explain how to enhance this initial search.

INTRODUCTION As per C4C release 1802, in RUI, it is possible for an agent to make an outbound call, from any  screen, and by just making a simple click. This will create an outbound phone

INTRODUCTION When working with C4C, there could be a common requirement which is that a field should be only visible under certain conditions.   STANDARD FIELDS SCENARIO On those cases where the field is standard,

Today, I finally cleared my second C4C related certification (C_C4C30_2015 – SAP Certified Development Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer). And for sure, in the following months, I will start preparing C4C50 (Integration) in order

Today, I have reached a milestone that I ‘ve been chasing for the last months, today I have cleared my first C4C related certification (C_C4C10_2015 – SAP Certified Application Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer)

Introduction Organizational Management (OM) is the central source of organizational information in the C4C solution. It is used for modelling the organizational structure and it provides a graphical representation through an organizational chart. In addition,

Introduction Coming from traditional OnPremise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) it is easy to understand lock concepts and how they work but, when moving into OnDemand systems such as C4C, we start doubting about some concepts

After having written a few documents, I started getting some requests to unify all my documents so colleagues could follow them in a quicker way in addition to the fact that helped me to find

Introduction When working with system integration, it sometimes happens that initial customizing fails, especially when you are under your first C4C related projects. So, as we are not able to debug on source system (C4C)