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Today, I finally cleared my second C4C related certification (C_C4C30_2015 – SAP Certified Development Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer). And for sure, in the following months, I will start preparing C4C50 (Integration) in order

Today, I have reached a milestone that I ‘ve been chasing for the last months, today I have cleared my first C4C related certification (C_C4C10_2015 – SAP Certified Application Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer)

Introduction Organizational Management (OM) is the central source of organizational information in the C4C solution. It is used for modelling the organizational structure and it provides a graphical representation through an organizational chart. In addition,

Introduction Coming from traditional OnPremise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) it is easy to understand lock concepts and how they work but, when moving into OnDemand systems such as C4C, we start doubting about some concepts

After having written a few documents, I started getting some requests to unify all my documents so colleagues could follow them in a quicker way in addition to the fact that helped me to find

Introduction When working with system integration, it sometimes happens that initial customizing fails, especially when you are under your first C4C related projects. So, as we are not able to debug on source system (C4C)

Recently I have taken part on a C4C Project, one of the first ones in South America region and I have been going through different status that I’d like to share with you as well

Introduction When working with system integration, we often receive business requirements where customer do not want to replicate all their information from one system to the other, so there is when filtering becomes necessary. Systems

Mapping ERP Account Group into C4C Introduction On ERP system, there is a field called Account Group which I could explain as a field used for determining which data (fields) should be displayed, hided, set

Hi all, I am working on C4C integration within ERP through PO and I am finding some trouble in 1505 guide so I opened an incident and SAP guys have been helping a lot in