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In both S/4HANA Cloud and S/4HANA on-premise most approvals are handled by the flexible workflow extension to SAP Business Workflow, with the approvals appearing in the Fiori Launchpad in the My Inbox app. Feedback has

That SAP Business Workflow is powerful and organically adapted to cope with just about any business process you can throw at was never in dispute. Just pick up the latest edition of the SAP Workflow

You may have seen how to activate Push Notifications for workflow in Jocelyn Dart’s recent and comprehensive blog. If not, here is an appetizer to help you understand what your users are missing without it.

Fiori has radically transformed the Business Suite. It has confirmed that SAP can massively simplify the user interaction for a business user and by doing so paves the way to empowering the business user to achieve

Update 4th September to mention specific SAP custom attributes. Here’s a really useful way to spruce up your approvals that involves no coding. It applies not just to approvals but to any type of workflow task. Prerequisite:

Do you want to influence radical improvements that are being planned in workflow, Inbox, BPM and more, to meet the new S/4 demands? When your company installs S/4 HANA Suite, or subscribes to S/4 HANA

This is a final reminder that the Collaborative Process Modeler in SAP Streamwork (aka “Gravity”) will shut down on 20th November 2015. After this date you will not be able to access models created using

When it comes to symbolizing  the customer engagement between SAP and Customers for SAP (esp. Business Workflow), there’s no-one quite like Susan Keohan.  No one! She is the Workflow Goddess.       [Susan Keohan]  Not

Every good business has made a significant investment in its business intelligence. It has a snapshot of its pipelines, personnel costs,  R&D, revenue…. That’s the leg the company needs to stand on. Q. But what