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Ajithkumar Krishnakumar

Are there a lot of options to validate users when they click on the record working time link on the ESS and prevent their access to the timesheet under some specific custom conditions alone? Unfortunately,

It shouldn’t be a difficult thing to agree that pricing is one of the most tricky items to handle, especially when it comes to debugging scenarios that break so randomly. There was an issue where

Recently I came across a need to debug the standard execution flow of the data enrichment framework in MDG to troubleshoot some issues. Apparently the trouble was that a custom enrichment done in the system

Something as minor as this might have been captured somewhere in the SDN blogs. But I just wanted to ensure folks get an easy way to identify this, if they run across the same issue

Seems like there is no direct way out there which mentions about the various bells and whistles associated with using an enterprise service in MDG, especially if there is no PI involved. It is a

Due to the large number of elements involved within a BRF+ application, the dependencies amongst the objects, and the multiple times that an object may have to be activated or de-activated, a situation may often

The requirement was pretty straightforward – I had a web service from a third party system (in this case OpenText) which I needed to consume. And since I had the URL of the WSDL, I

One of the puzzling issues I faced recently was when one of the custom service order quotation (transaction) types that I created failed to come up in the follow-up transaction list when the ‘Follow-up’ button

I had a requirement for controlling integration where I had to configure the middleware to enable the flow of service transactions from CRM to ECC. I will be trying to post a blog on the

Anything can happen in the world of middleware. No matter how good you are at configuring the system word-to-word following the best practices and ensuring all the pre-requisites are met, there is always the surprise