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Hi , This document will help us to keep the default values while creating BP . Here I am keeping the Default relationship of employee responsible Of username. 1. Implement the BADI     :-  BADI_CRM_BP_UIU_DEFAULTS 2.

Hi all, This document will help us to create the search help for opportunities and Activity  etc.. Depends on Business transaction type , the transaction will be stored in data base view CRMV_OBJECT_ID. 1. Create

Every opportunity contains the Competitor and Bid results assignment block . In that we have 2 text fields are there . Competitor Strength Competitor Weak nees. It is little difficult to find the properties of

Hi all, The below code is going to help us , to change the fields for partners of the Opportunity and delete the partner records from Opportunity. Delete the Particular  partners from Opportunity DATA: ls_guid