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Admittedly this is 4 years too late in 2016 and maybe its a case of better never than late. Given there are customers on lagging edge (is there such a thing?) of technology adoption, it

The double whammy is here – the traditional lean period for IT spending and new projects (Nov/Dec) and financial crisis causing every customer to turn into miserly Uncle Scrooge. Not their fault though; these days

Upto couple of years back larger size of BI system gave a BI team bragging rights. And the threshold to join the club kept getting bigger (you have a size of 6 only? we are

Of late, BPX term has often been used and if I daresay, abused ( while I am daring. let me say more abused than otherwise). The last straw was when I saw the blog by

This is not to ‘share’ some ‘valuable’ (or not-so-valuable) SAP experience, but to trigger some lateral thoughts/comments.  Let us see if you agree with following observations :-  – Social computing / collaboration is taking new

8.0pt;font-family:Verdana’>  8.0pt;font-family:Verdana’>Following is the remaining content of the first part of the weblog series ‘Custom fields in standard extractors…’. It lists a quick and dirty code of the user-exit to realize the extract structure extension

Custom fields in standard extractors – making a mixed marriage work! Prologue SAP has done an excellent job inproviding standard extractors for most all data coming from R/3.  But, it can never match the collective