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Usually before writing any of my blog post, I try to find a catchy title and associate a funny picture. So what funny picture can be found around zip archive and SAPUI5? Thank you Dr

Now that SAP TechEd season is over, I can resume my “normal” life at SAP, and start sharing some more tips and tricks that I think could be interesting for the community. During the SAP

Just like last year (link), the ESIGELEC school of engineering and SAP partnered to deliver another successful edition of SAP InnoJam. This year about 90 students from both Esigelec and Neoma Business School  have risen

Over the years, SAP TechEd used different names or brands to identify the place to be for you guys who are “in need” of getting your “hardcore coding fix” while learning and developing some cool

It’s my pleasure to announce my upcoming trip to Johannesburg, South Africa next week, where I will be hosting my next SAP CodeJam at the Deloitte office. We will actually have not only one but

Thanks to the community comments, I decided to refresh my current content related to the SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services. The following existing content is now merged into this with the relevant updates: Get your hands “dirty”

It has been a while since I have published some content, and here is the reason: I was running a number of SAP CodeJam   To be precise, it was 10 CodeJam, 9 locations, 5

Following last week announcement from Craig Cmehil regarding SAP HANA, express edition CodeJam, I’m delighted to announce that we have lined up SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services CodeJam for you!   The first will be held in Chicago,

Following the #sitFRA Demo Recap blog, here is the last part of the series. This part will focus on how to connect SAP HANA and SAP Vora, and consume data from each side to the other. To follow